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Find It Only Here On Friday
A Year In Review

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Find It Only Here On Friday
A Year In Review

“I knew I could choose to lie in a cesspool of self-analyzing misery
or put into practice some tactics I’ve learned for handling criticism and rejection.”

“7 Ways To Handle Criticism” by Kurt Bubna
“Those who hold the ladders are as important as the leaders themselves.”
“Who’s Holding Your Ladder?” by Sam Chand

“We have nothing to fear when we choose to lay everything out;
exposing and surrendering it to God.”

“When You Expose Your Secrets to God” by Brooke Lynn

“Choices are the travel plans because they chart the course.”
“Choices and Growth” by Thomas McDaniels

“Imagine the fresh start we could have
if we would let go and let God clean regret out of our hearts.”

“Heart Cleaning” by Laura Rath

“I have asked ;Why God?’ many times
over the years of being a Christ-follower.”

“Does God Keep His Promises?” by Brenda McGraw

“Why do we focus on cool services, rocking music, big buildings, and sexy sermons,
but do very little to help babies being mutilated in their mother’s womb?”

“What Doesn’t Break Your Heart … That Should?” by David & Jason Benham

“I don’t know about you, but from time to time
I find myself offering God a helping hand.”

“Questioning God” by Patricia Holbrook

“I’m done resisting God, because it’s usually in the things we resist the most
that He’s reserved the greatest blessings.”

“Resisting God” by Gari Meacham

“In prayer, I ask God to reveal to me the spiritual mile markers in my life
…broken places, hurts, disappointments, accomplishments, and joyful times.
The Holy Spirit helps me see that God had been there all along.”

“The River of the Holy Spirit” by Beth Miller

“Can you imagine what the Sistine Chapel would be like
if Michelangelo hadn’t picked up the brush for fear of being good enough?”
“Am I Good Enough?” by Scott Couchenour

“I believe when Jesus told his disciples to “go into all the world”
he meant entering and communicating into ALL the world
– both the physical and digital.”
“The Cultural Shift” by Meghan Howard

“Catch a glimpse of these heavenly realities; you won’t be the same.
“A Glimpse” by Jason Moore

“The Thief of Presumption is that subtle inner voice which lies to you
that some day down the road you will have another opportunity, another swing –
or perhaps, you really don’t have to swing at all.”
“My Last Breakfast” by David “JB” Miller

“I’m a yes person. I want to do everything and go everywhere and be in the middle of every event.
But I shouldn’t even if I could.”
“Playing To The Rhythm of Life” by Holly Barrett

“Be ready for a process in recovering from burnout, not a transaction.”
“5 Questions You Need To Ask About Burnout” by Scott Couchenour

About the author : David "JB" Miller


David "JB" Miller is founder and author at LifeLetter Ministries. He and his wife Cheri make their home in beautiful Paradise Valley, Arizona and have six children and six grandchildren they absolutely adore.

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