7 Questions Sunday: Jason Moore & Oasis

LifeLetter Cafe LifeWriter Jason Moore since age 16 has been involved
in mission work and discipleship among the former Soviet-bloc countries
in eastern Europe, Asia, South America as well as in the United States.

He did his internship living for 7 years in the Ukraine,
helping plant 5 churches that continue to thrive today under trained national leaders.
A graduate with a Bachelor of Biblical studies from Maryland Bible College and Seminary,
he leads the Pastoral Care Team of Greater Grace World Outreach in Baltimore, Maryland.
Together with his wife, Leah, and their son,
they help disciple people to discover the riches of God’s grace.

Congratulations to Jason on the recent release of his newest book
in the Inner Revolution series, OASIS: Your Personal Rest, a 90 day devotional on rest.

In Jason’s own words,

Our noisy souls often trudge along without rest in our daily routines.
Anxious, tired, overburdened, and hopeless, describe the condition of the modern, driven soul.
In the midst of our daily lives, we can have access to God’s presence in every place; at any time.
A personal break-through can happen at any moment as we surrender to the Holy Spirit,
discovering the beauty of God’s presence.

This Oasis, where we meet God, creates a lush, healthy place of rest and growth for our souls.
Meditating on His promises, releases a personal, prepared, and permanent rest for us.
There are no short-cuts or quick fixes; our lives are made up of critical moments
when we either choose life, fruitfulness, and peace, or we choose ourselves.

So LifeLetter Cafe is excited to share this recent interview with Jason
to learn more about the story behind OASIS.
Enjoy his answers below in the latest 7 Questions Sunday!




Today’s “7 Questions Sunday”


LifeLetter Cafe: Where and when did the desire to write first begin?

Jason Moore: I have written on and off for years but in 2011 when I started writing my first book on “Inner Revolution” it was though a dam broke, and I could not stop typing. Writing helps me concentrate and meditate on the Lord. I feel the holy spirit strongly when I write.

LifeLetter Cafe: What was the inspiration for the OASIS 90 day devotional?

Jason Moore: Oasis for me was a ” breakthrough ” in the Inner Revolution Series. I had come from counseling a precious believer and I spent some time studying and seeking the Lord on Hebrews 4:9 ” enter into the rest prepared for you”. I started to write some notes that turned into a year of blogging on the topic of rest. In counseling we have the privilege of hearing and pointing people to the Lord and helping navigate through and around pitfalls. The common trend I see is the devil is “wearing out the saints”, when God has a personal provision of rest.

LifeLetter Cafe: How difficult is it for ministry leaders like yourself to separate religious busyness from time for your soul in God’s presence?

Jason Moore: Life can feel like we are a performer in a circus, juggling the fire sticks. I seek for balance. The only way to be a Dad, husband, pastor, friend is first to be called UNTO Christ and receive from Him the life for all the other ministries and functions in my life. Without being still and hearing from God, what would we have to say? We have no power or ministry without Him. We must breakaway and refresh, God draws us to himself the Prince of Peace, not just to maintain, but to thrive.

LifeLetter Cafe: What is your favorite portion of OASIS?

Jason Moore: I enjoy the chapter progression of the devotional. We come as we are, and we behold the Lord and He quiets us and recalibrates our value system. The part that ministers to me is the section on the “Altar Life”. We surrender that which is most precious in worship, and God provides a newness so that our possessions don’t posses us – they are tools to bless others. The generous man doesn’t lack. Proverbs 11:25

LifeLetter Cafe: Talk to us about the essential need for fueling a sense of hope . .

Jason Moore: There is always a reason to quit, but often those reasons are based in self preservation. To finish our call with joy our focus must be to know Christ personally and to be about our eternal mission. Eternity is a breath away. Often I read Hebrews 11 to keep my perspective as a sojourner and pilgrim with one purpose, to bring glory to Christ. Colossians 1:27 He is our hope!

LifeLetter Cafe: Have you had your own “crisis of the soul” season? How did you make a healing turn towards Christ?

Jason Moore: In the sudden death of my mother in 2007 I felt as though a piece of me died. It was a season of questioning and a host of other powerful emotions. What got me through was spiritually sensitive friends that were there to love me. The words of the Bible came to mind in a personal way and I felt as though the Holy Spirit carried me through. I am so thankful form the unchangeable nature of Christ. I think of my mom every day and her spiritual legacy.

LifeLetter Cafe: What’s next on your publishing agenda?

Jason Moore: Live in the Now, recognizing God’s visitation is my next book Lord willing. Hope to have that come out in March 2016. This book was “birthed” from a rhema were God was ministering that yesterday is gone, there is no guarantee of tomorrow, and today is a gift. Walking in wonder and worship renews us from the inside out. Today is my best day, all is new and the potential of meeting and walking with God in the moment is limitless.




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