The Thanksgiving Top 20 (or so..) Most Quotable Cafe Posts

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“It costs us something. Sometimes relationships with friends or family.
Those closest to you sometimes just don’t understand..”
How to Unlock the Amazing Miracle Filled Life by Doug Armey


“I have found the sooner I let my guard down and let people see the authentic me —
mess and all — the sooner the friendship gets real.”
Finding your tribe – 5 unconventional tips for forming meaningful, lasting friendships by Jelise Ballon


“My mind races ahead, saying yes to everything,
until I can resist no more and I fall in a heap.”
Playing to the Rhythm of Life by Holly Barrett


“Too many in our world consider Christians as nothing more
than a bunch of whacky fanatics looking for a fight”
Why I Won’t Be Boycotting Starbucks by Kurt Bubna


“It is not on Starbucks to keep Christ in Christmas. It’s on us.”
My Name is not “Merry Christmas…” Rebecca Carrell


“Don’t be a Scrooge…show your facility team members how much you appreciate them.”
The Perfect Christmas Gift for your Facility Team by Tim Cool


“It’s the pressure I put on myself that gets me in trouble.
You too? I’m not surprised.”
Peace Under Pressure by Leah DiPascal


“I don’t ever recall Jesus telling people to buy guns and build walls.
He never told us to lock out the hungry and poor.”
Paris: We Pray For You (And Our Enemies) by Dan Erickson


“When we align ourselves with heaven’s priorities,
we will align ourselves with heaven’s provisions.”
Why Large Churches Should Target Urban Settings by Peter Haas


“Jesus gave us a way out of what we were. But also a way in, to what we could become.”
Seeking and Becoming by Bill Kraski


“No amount of time or self-analysis could have healed
what and how Jesus Christ did in a matter of weeks.”
Becoming a Woman of Faith by Stacey Louiso


“Don’t over complicate the message and don’t lose the person
because they don’t understand what you are saying.”
Do people understand what you are saying? by Moray McGuffie


“Praise and recognition creates an unbeatable sense of loyalty
and drives teams to unimaginable levels of performance.”
Getting Others To Perform At Their Highest Level by Matt McWilliams


“You give me a heart which is motivated first and foremost by a desire for You,
not for what You can do for me, but a yearning for Your Presence.”
it’s all about the heart by Beth Miller


“God is for all people and loves all people
but that does not mean all roads lead to Him..”
Panning for Go(L)d – A November 2015 LifeLetter by David “JB” Miller


“While it is not wrong to feel discouraged,
we should keep our heads held high with our eyes focused on the one Who is able.”
How Belief Can Help You Defeat Discouragement by Lynne Raatz


“I wonder if that’s how God feels when we refuse His gift of grace.”
God’s Gift of Grace by Laura Rath


“My freedom cost my Best Friend everything.”
Free! by Susan Shipe


“Prayer is how God enters our lives and heals our hearts.”
God’s Gift of Prayer by Kathryn Shirey


“Make a convincing argument that Jesus wants us all to be safe
more than he wants us to reach the lost and help the hurting.”
Something Christian Millennials Don’t Get by Klint Silvey


“The main reason unchurched people don’t listen to preachers:
no one is inviting them to.”
Why The Unchurched May Not Listen by Bobby Williams


“As my view of God expands so does my generosity.”
Am I Being Shrewd or Stingy? by Debbie Wilson 


My Thanksgiving LifeLetter


 “I would prefer no one really take stock of my spiritual inventory . .
after all, who wants to appear depleted, used up, insufficient for the demands of the day . .
who wants to be found “running out”?”
Running Out: A Thanksgiving Reflection By A Pastor Innkeeper
by David “JB” Miller


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David "JB" Miller is founder and author at LifeLetter Ministries. He and his wife Cheri make their home in beautiful Paradise Valley, Arizona and have six children and six grandchildren they absolutely adore.

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