Consider A ThanksGiveAway This Thanksgiving

I heard a great word in church yesterday: ThanksGiveAway!

What’s a ThanksGiveAway, you ask? It’s simply a word that describes giving of yourself to help others this Thanksgiving. The idea is to give away your time, effort, food, clothes, money, or whatever else you can give to help those who have less than you.

When I was a kid, our family was poor. One year, we didn’t even have enough money to buy the makings for a Thanksgiving dinner. The day before Thanksgiving, my mom got a phone call. A local business was giving away 25 Thanksgiving dinners to needy families. Our family was on the list. We were the recipients of a ThanksGiveAway.

Now, I feel the desire to return the favor, even if it’s only with a few cans of food or a couple of warm clothing items. There are many ways you can help those less fortunate than you this Thanksgiving.

Four ways to get involved in a ThanksGiveAway

  1. Donate food: Go through your cupboards and find some extra cans of food to give away to a local food bank. If you’re feeling more generous, you could buy the makings of a complete Thanksgiving dinner and give them to a family with less than yours.
  2. Donate clothes: Chances are high that you’ve got some unused clothing in your closet. Why not take this opportunity to clean out your closet and get involved in a ThanksGiveAway. Homeless shelters and local charities are always looking for warm winter clothes.
  3. Donate time: If you have an extra afternoon, you could go volunteer at a soup kitchen or a senior-living center. Your time will bless others. That’s a great ThanksGiveAway.
  4. Donate money: This might seem like the easy way out to some, but giving money is a good option for those who lead busy lives. Chances are high that your church has some kind of program to help local charities during the Thanksgiving season.

The Bible tells us to help those with less than us, Will you offer a little bit of your time or money to help others this holiday season?

How could you take part in a ThanksGiveAway this Thanksgiving?

About the author : Dan Erickson