Find It Only Here On Friday: What Doesn’t Break Your Heart … That Should?

The Benham Brothers, David and Jason,
are twins and Christian entrepreneurs helping people like you
to live powerfully for Jesus in the areas of leadership, work, family, and culture.
After spending a few years in professional baseball
they each chose to hang up their spikes and move to Charlotte, NC.
They started their first business in 2003 and currently own several companies that span the globe.
David and Lori Benham have five kids and Jason and Tori Benham have four kids.

David and Jason are also inspiring regular contributors (LifeWriters) here at LifeLetter Cafe
and are today’s featured contributors to “Find It Only Here On Friday”.
Their Cafe exclusive “What Doesn’t Break Your Heart … That Should?” can be found below . .
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In their own words . . .

We were reviewing an article we wrote several month’s ago
about how to engage in the raging war of ideas today.
It’s not easy, but it IS possible to do it God’s way – I hope we can all learn from this:

When Jesus was attacked he healed – he didn’t hurt.
Human nature is to hurt those who hurt you – yet Jesus has a divine nature,
and He gives it to those who follow Him with all their heart.
Unfortunately, when we are startled awake – as Peter was in the Garden –
we instinctively use our weapon the wrong way.

The New Testament is filled with teachings about “fighting the good fight,”
“putting on our armor” and wielding “the sword of truth.”
So how are we supposed to know how we should use our sword, in real practical terms?

As Christians we must be careful to not use the sword the wrong way
by attacking the individual as well as the idea. This is not Biblical.
We want to encourage Christians to be Biblical Christians
in the midst of a world that is very confusing for a lot of people.
We can and should fight against ideas that hold people captive,
especially when those ideas seek to establish themselves in Ordinances
that will naturally compromise our basic freedoms.
Yet, we must love the individuals that support those ideas
and seek to kindly lead them to the truth.

It’s tough to walk this fine line today, but we can do it –
and we must do it because only the “truth of God will set the captive free.”
And when/if we are attacked we always heal and never hurt.




Today’s Find It Only Here On Friday

“What Doesn’t Break Your Heart … That Should?”
by David & Jason Benham





Recently a well-known pastor preached …

a sermon on “What Breaks Your Heart?” The point of his message was that God wants you to do something about the thing that breaks your heart. I couldn’t agree more, yet I believe there is an equally important question to ask as well. “What doesn’t break your heart that should?”  The answer is what brings us to the mid-point of Biblical tension in our lives.

Most Christians know what breaks our hearts.  However, few of us ever wrestle over what doesn’t break them.

With the recent plight of Planned Parenthood in the media it seems Christians hearts are finally breaking over something that has been going on for 40+ years. Unfortunately, the reality of abortion has been overlooked by mainstream Christianity.  Of course, we would all say that abortion was wrong, but actually having a broken heart over the murder of innocent life and committing to do something about it – that was a different matter altogether.

Did we ever stop to ask the question, “why?”  

Why do we focus on cool services, rocking music, big buildings, and sexy sermons, but do very little to help babies being mutilated in their mother’s womb?  I can’t even begin to tell you how many massive churches I’ve seen that are located less than three miles from an abortion clinic, with zero witness at that place of death.

How could that be?  Because the heart wasn’t broken.  Why? Maybe ignorance or apathy, or even worse, a lack of compassion. Whatever the reason, getting to the bottom of this question is step one toward healing and restoration in our nation.

What breaks your heart?  Good question.

What doesn’t break your heart that should?  An even better one.

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About the author : David Benham

David Benham

David & his brother Jason serve as Co-Chairman and Founders of the Benham Foundation & Cities4Life, where their dedicated commitment to helping others continues through Pro-Life ministry, Human-Trafficking Prevention, & Caring for widows, orphans, and the poor. David is married to Lori, and together they have five children.

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