I Need More of You

There is so much need in the world …

Hurting people, broken bodies, financial struggles, fractured families, and parenting challenges line up like digits on the number line without end.

If every need were met today, as soon as the sun rises tomorrow there would be new ones.

“I need You to help me, Lord.”

“I need You to restore this relationship.”

“I need You to protect the ones I love.”

“I need You to show me the path to take.”

“I need You to heal.”

“I need You to comfort me in this grief.”

“I need You to provide in my lack.”

“I need You to bring my child home.”

“I need You to give me a child.”

“I need You to deliver me from…

fear,  anger,   bitterness,   jealousy,

comparison,   addiction,   idolatry,   gossip.…”




We are a people with many needs …

but we have a Savior Who listens to every one.

Have you told Him what you need?

You know what He needs?

He needs us to bring it all to Him. He wants us to move close to His side and tell Him everything.

Yes, He already knows, but He also knows we need to come to Him.

When we get close in His Presence and begin with these powerful words, “I need You,” God leans in and listens.

Scriptures say He turns His ear TO us!

He is the answer to every need.

We need more of Him.



When I talk to the Lord …

praise music always seems to usher me into His presence faster.  I was listening to praise music this very morning while praying about what to write today for this #livefree linkup.  As I brought this “I need you,” prompt before Him and asked the Holy Spirit what I should write, Colton Dixon’s song, More Of You came through my speakers.  And check out this part of the lyrics.

“More of You
Less of me
Make me who I’m meant to be
You’re all I want all I need
You’re everything
Take it all I surrender
Be my king
God I choose
More of You and Less of me
I need more of you.”

(Lyrics from More of You, by Colton Dixon)



There it is, right there …

I need (more of) You.

Won’t you bring your needs to Jesus?

Just click on the music, bow your head and talk to Him.

He is listening. He is all you need.


Psalm 116



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About the author : Renee Griffin

Renee Griffin was adopted, but she carried a dream to find her birth family. Years after searching and finding, God called her to write about the journey. Renee teaches elementary students during the daylight hours and writes all the other hours.

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