Jason Benham

(written by twin brother David)
Ummm…how do you say, “he’s whacked” without saying “he’s whacked?”

Jason came out second.  I believe that was a foreshadowing of what was to come his entire life…second.  He was the second to hit a home run, second to dunk a basketball, and second to bench press his body weight.  But that’s ok, he turned out alright…he’s fully recovered from the emotional scars.

jason-benham-familyJason called me the mouthy one.  I think it’s because when the bad guys came around our neighborhood as kids, I verbally walked them down while he hid behind the tree sucking his thumb.  Yes, I had issues as a kid – but who didn’t?  I still remember Jason wanting to throw a rock at a brand new 1982 Ford Thunderbird as it passed by our house, but he couldn’t get the guts up enough to do it.  As the rock left my hand that day I have often wondered why God made me the brazen one and him the calculating one.  Being in business together has brought a lot of clarity to this.

Throughout high school he stapled a piece of paper to the ceiling above his bed with all his goals written on it.  At the bottom of the page it said, “Get up, and work hard today!” He would wake up at 5am, pray for a few minutes, and then hit the pavement running.  For me, 5am really hurt.  The drive Jason had as a kid turned out to be the fuel we needed to grow our company beyond what we could’ve ever imagined.  And he’s lucky too, cuz big brother would’ve kicked his butt if he hadn’t brought real value to our entrepreneurial longings.He was the Conference Player of the Year in college and a draft pick of the Baltimore Orioles, but after breaking his leg in half in the minor leagues he thought he’d never play again.  The internal drive he developed as a kid catapulted him back to the top of his game, and a year later he joined me in the Cardinals organization for a second chance.  Those were some fun summer nights.After marrying his best friend, Tori, he walked away from baseball at the end of that season.  Although the Cards offered him another minor league contract, he chose to start a family instead.  Of course, I know the real reason he retired, he just didn’t want to play in the shadow of big brother any more!

Now we’re in business together, and he’s still walking in my shadow.  Did I mention he only has 4 children? There’s just no getting around it for him!  We live on the same street, workout at the same gym, and drive the same trucks…but that’s ok, he needs someone to look up to – I’m ok with that.

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Jason Benham

When we were 12 years old our dad challenged us to start reading the Bible. He was a preacher, so we felt we had enough of the Bible in our lives, but as we began reading it for ourselves the words started to jump off the page. Today, as we near the age of 40 (man we’re getting old!) we cherish the wisdom of God’s Word in our every day lives. There’s not one part of our lives that the Bible has not impacted in a great way, and we want you to experience the same thing!

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