Sarah Cunningham

I’m Sarah.

They call quirky, eccentric people like me “creatives.” I’m pretty sure this is the nice way of dismissing the fact that I had glasses and braces and a closet full of Nancy Drew books when I was 9.

Officially speaking,

I’m an idea junkie who loves to bring people together around good things. A few of the inspiring projects I’ve been part of : STORY, People of the Second Chance, FaithIt, D6,Christianity21.

Plus I write…

My Huffington Post blog is the catch-all where I soapbox about faith and culture.

I’ve also written five books and contributed to four others in the faith & spirituality genre, but I’m almost SURE I’ve got better books in me…yet to come.

Curious to read one? Picking Dandelions: A Search for Eden Among Life’s Weeds.

But off the record, I’m …

A reading addict.
A neighborhood enthusiast.
A lifelong tomboy.
A relentless mediator.
An aspiring vigilante.
A true fan of Prison City (Jackson, Michigan).
(Which also makes me a Lake Lover and Mitten Dweller.)
A person of faith.

They call me…

Skinny white girl.
The coach’s wife.
Chief servant to the emperor.
(And his newly appointed Chief of Staff.)
Everybody’s sister.

I live to…

Restore people’s sense of community.
Champion brotherhood.
Crowdsource life.

On faith…

My dad is a baptist church planter.
I graduated from a Free Methodist college and a Lutheran grad school.
I call a Wesleyan church plant home.
I learn from, LOVE and listen to (but don’t always agree with) friends from the right, the left and the in-between.
If that makes me difficult to understand, I hope it makes me confounding in the same way Jesus was.
I would be glad to be lumped in with his methodology: for welcoming those the crowd expected him to reject and loving those the crowd wanted him to shame.

More than one person has commented…

That my soul is ancient but I have the heart of a ten year old. Snarky or compliment? You decide. In any case, be patient. I’m apparently trying to communicate through a couple hundred year gap.

If you write me, I’ll write you back…eventually*. (Rate of response is based on how big the laundry pile is.)

sarahraymondcunningham (at) gmail (dot) com

About the author : Sarah Cunningham

Sarah Cunningham

I’m an idea junkie who loves to bring people together around good things. I live to restore people’s sense of community.

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