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KARIN PEAVY is a spiritual abuse survivor. After being part of a Christian cult for 16 years, she escaped by the grace of God. With His help she overcame the effects of lies, manipulation, and control.

“I once believed I wasn’t smart enough to make important decisions. So, it was easy to hand the reigns of my life to someone else. Plus, traditional Christian doctrine was taught by the leader and there was so much love and warmth which made the group even more attractive.

I wanted God to do something significant through me. This was a huge cry of my heart. The leader constantly talked of how the Lord would use all the members in a big way. This appealed to me and I believed that by being involved I’d find my strengths and get the opportunity to use them.

I kept waiting for something to happen but it never did. I was very plugged into the group’s agenda while my own hopes and dreams slid down the tube. I finally saw that my life wasn’t going anywhere. That’s when I made the decision to leave.

There was a long period of confusion, anger and disappointment. I kept thinking about all those wasted years. I loved the Lord and His Word and didn’t understand how things had turned out so badly.

I had a problem with the Bible because so many of its precious promises had eluded me. I almost turned my back on my faith but God held on to me. “

During her journey to wholeness, Karin discovered the key to experiencing the success she longed for: spiritual understanding. Connecting with God’s mind–His way of doing life–is the conduit that leads to His highest and best.

“I kept reaching out for the Word. It was hard because I was filled with doubt. But the Holy Spirit worked through me. I searched the Bible for answers and God was faithful to meet me. I uncovered all the half truths and imbalances I’d been taught. Essentially, I had to learn the scriptures all over again.”

As Karin dug into the Word of God for herself, the desire to share what she learned with others was born. She found she could effectively convey her message through writing. To date, Karin has created several articles and a Bible devotional chock full of Biblical keys and strategies that will help Believers experience successful living through spiritual understanding.

Karin says, “I want to help Christians experience successful living by helping them gain spiritual understanding. We are often ignorant of what the Bible says. Knowing and living according to God’s mind is not only the key to successful life, it’s life itself. Through every article I write, I attempt to show Believers how to open their hearts to a Heavenly Father that loves them unconditionally, exercise unwavering faith in Him and connect to the spiritual truths that will help them live their lives in power.”

To carry out her purpose, Karin publishes enriching articles on her blog each Monday and Thursday.

Karin has written for the children/teen/young adult magazine market. Her articles and stories have appeared in several periodicals.

Karin holds a Bachelors Degree in Music.

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About the author : Karin Peavy

Karin Peavy

Karin Peavy is committed to encouraging the Body of Christ. Her blog articles are packed with motivation and faith boosters. Karin is the author of Beside Restful Waters, a devotional that contains 30 life-changing meditations. To learn more about Karin, visit www.aboundingwisdom.com.

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