Christy Mobley

I am a girly girl at heart. I have a passion for fashion and decorating (which means I like clothes , accessories and moving things around in my house). I chase tennis balls for recreation and do my best thinking in the bathtub. Unfortunately a lot of that good thinking stays there because the tub isn’t a good place for pen and paper. Oh, and I love, love, love the beach. No, really I do.

I’m type “A” all the way with a tad of A.D.D. mixed in. Which is to say I’m driven in ten different directions at the same time. I don’t seem to have a fear of vulnerability as I’m as transparent as saran wrap. The up side to this is most people tell me I’m easy to know and comfortable to be with.

I’ve been married to David for over 30 years. He is the funniest and most loved man I’ve ever known. He’s also my polar opposite (bless his little patient heart)! If he’s the peacemaker, I’m the troublemaker. I generally speak my mind.

David and I have two adult sons. Lil David and Aaron. I always thought God just blessed me with two boys because He knew I wouldn’t want to share my clothes. But now I have two  daughter-in-laws. That makes me quadruply blessed!

My friends tell me I always look put together but truth be told on the inside I share the same struggles and insecurities most women battle.

For more than half my life I was plagued with anxiety and bouts of panic attacks. A few years ago God lead me down the road to freedom. He then put the desire in my heart to share that road with other women. So here I am. I hope you will join me down the road to the abundant life. The life Jesus promised to those who believe on Him. A life of experiencing His presence in the midst of your circumstances. That’s what I call joying in the journey.

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About the author : Christy Mobley

Christy is a Life Purpose Coach, Bible study teacher, writer, mentor, mother and wife. She's a type A girly girl with a tad A.D.D. mixed in for good measure. Her greatest passion is in helping others find joy in seeing God at work in their lives and experiencing His presence in their everyday circumstances.

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