Douglas Armey

My life can be divided into two eras.

Pre spiritual awakening–the mundane of school, sports, and adolescent stupidity.

Post awakening–I began the real adventure.

I took seriously Jesus’ promise of an extraordinary life and set out to discover it.

Marrying my wife Jennifer,

the chaos of grad school,

the joy of raising our children,

helping run a family business that nearly ended in disaster,

pastoring a church that we brought back from the dead to vitality,

writing and radio broadcasting,

struggling and eventually building a successful financial consulting practice,

launching this blog while feeling like I was drinking from a fire-hose.

And yes, my personal life is just as restless.  I don’t do boredom well.

Becoming a licensed pilot,

black belt in karate,

ski patroller,

scuba diver.


building hot rods and classic cars,

traveling the world,

and serving several non-profits.

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About the author : Doug Armey

Doug Armey

Husband, father and Jesus follower. Addicted to fast cars and sailing. Irreligiously writes about the adventure of the amazing life God offers.

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