A Soul Signature

“See how very much our Father loves us, for He calls us His children, and that is what we are!” – I John 3:1

A Huge Hole

Ran Kinsella represents what we know to be true in this life . . when things go wrong between a daughter or son . . and their dad . . it leaves a unique mark, sometimes a huge hole, an unfulfilled longing . . for both the dad and the child.

While walking in his cornfield, Ray hears a “voice” that whispers, “If you build it, he will come”, and sees a baseball diamond, which leads him to plow under his corn and build the exact same field. Sometime later while Ray is on the field, he hears the “voice” again, this time urging him to “ease his pain”. Later while attending a baseball game at Fenway Park, Ray hears the “voice” again, which urges him to “go the distance”. Finally, the climax of the 1989 movie drama, “Field of Dreams”, finds Ray (Kevin Costner) angry at not being invited by the players into the cornfield beyond center field where they mysteriously disappear, and do so with joy . . which is when Shoeless Joe Jackson rebukes Ray’s desire for reward for all his effort . . and reminds him why he sacrificed so much, saying . . “If you build it, he (nodding towards home plate) will come”.

Ray Kinsella glances toward home plate where the catcher removes his mask and Ray recognizes his father as a young man. A prodigal is now reunited . . where before a son had rejected his brokenhearted father, now Ray’s softened spirit asks one sole question . . “Dad, wanna play catch?” . . and of course the answer would quickly come, “Yeah, I would like that . . I would like that a lot”.

The Mark of A Father

God has designed all sons and daughters with the “mark” of their father . . a soul-signature, if you will . . one that creates a healthy resiliency to not stop short of our goals and dreams in this life . . but instead, to go the distance. God has similarly designed dads to be there for their kids . . making sure they have the skills and encouragement necessary . . to cross their own finish line.

This is David “JB” Miller inviting you to check out “When Things Don’t End Well: A Question of Connectivity”, a LifeLetter that unpacks the story lines of two amazing dads . . “Speed” and “Jim”. As you read “When Things Don’t End Well – Part 2”, may God give you a renewed understanding of your Heavenly Father’s commitment to make sure you are able to go the distance . . especially in the darkest nights of your soul . .

. . when things don’t end well.

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David "JB" Miller is founder and author at LifeLetter Ministries. He and his wife Cheri make their home in beautiful Paradise Valley, Arizona and have six children and six grandchildren they absolutely adore.

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