Book Review: Guiltless Living by Ginger Hubbard


It is something that many live with daily, yet the truth is, if a person is in Christ they do not have to live under that guilt. True guilt for the Christ follower does not exist anymore because Jesus put an end to it when He said, “it is finished” on the cross. This is truth and most of us in Christ know it is truth in our heads but in our hearts we often fail to live it out. I believe the author’s book is a help for us to trust Christ in His finished work for our mess ups.

The author is very honest and vulnerable about her own heart issues and how Christ covers those. The specific sin areas she addresses in this book are being critical, proud, controlling, impatient, miserly, selfish, and religious. She follows with solutions and Scriptural truth but mostly with Jesus as the answer for these through His finished work on the cross. There is also a Bible study guide in the back of this title that coincides with each chapter.

Overall I did like this book. The author is sure to let you know that you are not alone in acting in these ways and helps us see we are in this together as children of God who Christ saved despite our behavior. It is encouraging and helpful.

You can get a copy from Amazon here.


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Guiltless Living




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