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Thirty-two years and more than half my life ago, I married Thomas Dale Crompton in front of his parents’ Christmas tree in Herrin, Illinois. A year later we celebrated our second Christmas and first anniversary with a gift we’ve never managed to top: our son and only child, Sayer Vincent. Only eight short Septembers ago, God blessed us with a more delightful gift than we had any powers to imagine. Her name is Ceana Marie, and she is, of course, our grandchild.

Along the way, I have served as editor of two newspapers and have published seven textbooks and educational films. I am currently writing my first novel.

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About the author : Serena Kaylen Crompton

Serena Kaylen Crompton is a writer and former newspaper editor currently working on her first novel. She and husband Tom have one son, Sayer, and two granddaughters, Ceana and Adelaide.

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