LifeLetter Rewind: Cutting Corners

“Fear of . .
career failure
family failure
athletic failure
economic failure
political failure
and yes even spiritual failure
when allowed to run it’s course . .
always results in a more painful season of loss and humiliation . .
when the truth surfaces.

When fear takes supremacy
in our lives at any level
it turns us into thieves
we take what we want at the expense of others.

Fear is not only the root issue behind cutting corners
it is the fuel for gossip or slander
that we use to bring the reputation or standing of others into question.

The message of fear is that we have less than we need . .
and outside the amazing grace of Jesus Christ . .
that is exactly our plight.

No amount of success on any personal or public ladder can ever satisfy . .
there will always be a thirst for more
there will always be a thread of insecurity
there will always be the temptation
to stop two feet short of the can.”

@DavidJBMiller – February, 2008


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