Geoff Surratt

Writing about myself is challenging. The easy way out is to pretend someone else is writing this page, “Geoff is an amazing guy with awesome talents”, but that seems pretty disingenuous. So I’ll just go first person and we’ll try to ignore the ickiness factor.

What am I called to? After almost 30 years in vocational ministry I feel God has called me to spend the rest of my life adding value to Kingdom leaders through the unique gifts and experiences he has given me.

What does that look like? I have a bi-focal focus vision of both local and global ministry. My wife, Sherry, and I will always be knee deep in the ministry of a local church. We believe that the expression of Jesus through the local church is the hope of the world, and we always want to be on the front lines. At the same time we believe has also called us to the church at large. For Sherry this is expressed through leadership of MOPS International; more about my global focus below.

What do I bring to the table? I am nothing but a sinner saved by grace. Anything I have to offer comes from my loving Heavenly Father who shows his sense of humor by using me as a conduit. That being said here are the gifts he has loaned me for the expansion of the Kingdom and to bring glory to his name.

Speaking Using humor and passion I strive to express complex truths in simple ways that move people to action. Teaching and preaching are where I find the most joy in ministry.

Strategy I have a strategic/prophetic bent that often allows me to see around corners to what is next and how to get there. I can clearly formulate strategy to move vision from dreaming to action.

Experience I have been involved in every facet of ministry from youth pastor to executive pastor to senior pastor. I have served in fast growing, incredibly innovative environments. I have  worked in small churches, medium size churches and ginormous churches. I have consulted with dozens of churches across the country and worked with Leadership Network in creating collaborative learning environments in the US and in Europe. I have also taught leadership through Equip in India and Russia.

Writing I have had the opportunity to publish three books through Zondervan and several magazine articles. I write semi-regularly here at Inner Revolution as well as I also contribute to other blogs on occasion. Writing is my second ministry love (after preaching)

How do I make my contribution to the Kingdom?

In addition to serving in a local church I try to add value to the Kingdom through:

Writing Blogs Books Articles

Speaking Church services Conferences Church staff meetings

Strategizing Email and phone conversations Online meetings Site visits Personalized white papers Longer term consulting relationships

How can I add value to your ministry?

1. Read my stuff, hopefully something will be useful

2. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook

3. Invite me to speak at your church

4. Use me as a consultant

If you’d like to connect shoot me an email and let’s talk.

About the author : Geoff Surratt

Geoff lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Sherry. (CEO of MOPS International) Geoff and Sherry have two awesome kids (Mike and Brittainy), a wonderful daughter-in-law (Hilary) and the most beautiful granddaughters on earth (Maggie Claire and Mollie Rose) Geoff has served on staff at Seacoast Church and Saddleback Church. He now serves as Pastor of Church Planting at Southeast Christian in Parker, Colorado as well coaching churches and leaders around the country.

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