How Is This Working For You? . .

“Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” – Psalm 106:1

From simple little daily annoyances to dream-shattering heartbreaks, life, sooner or later – and sometimes both, proves to be one enormous gratitude test for all of us. One thing for sure, this year was no different for myself.

All of these “tests” occurred subsequent to a clear command from the Lord to both my wife and I to trust Him with open hands in three specific ways in this season of our life: first, we knew we were supposed to let go of all that we should no longer pursue or hold on to; secondly, we knew we were being called to be still, avoiding the urge to “fix things”; . . and third, we knew He was asking us to stay focused and obedient toward His calling and purposes over us.

This “obedience” took us to the point of a remarkably uncomfortable, grace-only-enabled and gratitude-testing lifestyle of sacrifice . . sacrifice that has pushed the limits of our endurance. One individual even had the not-so-remarkable courage to cynically text “How is this working for you?”

The thing is . . I love the question “How is this working for you?’ . . because it affords one grand opportunity to address two things: first, “It” (this life you and I live) is not about “you” or “me” and all our favorite “happy-ever-after” breaks and successfully won popularity contests lining up at the front door . . this life is about Jesus, only and forever Jesus; secondly . . “It” is actually working in amazing and powerful ways beyond our wildest imagination.

This is David “JB” Miller acknowledging that while this year has proven to deliver some of the most trying visible circumstances, it has also blown open the door for us to experience a series of spiritual breakthroughs and victories that give joyous color to an “Only God” season of “blessed to be a blessing”. Because of Him, grace has unexpectedly poured through our season of challenge into lives around us at close and not-so-close range . . hope has replaced heartbreak in families going through loss and devastation . . courage in Christ has replaced timidity, forging the birth of new and expanded ministries . .  and freedom and focus has replaced confusion and bondage.

Oh God, You have been so good to AND through us!

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