Breaking Out of Your Normal Routine . .

The regular routine you have can be one of your most valuable assets . . 

A good routine can allow you to increase your productivity and produce results on a more consistent basis. However, if we are not careful our normal routine can slowly move us into an average or ordinary life.

It can be similar to driving to a familiar location (Like your work or home). I’ve driven the same route to work for over 3 years. There has been several times when I’d leave work to go home and upon arriving at home not remember anything in-between (Which is always a little scary to think about. Has that ever happened to you?). Recently my wife brought to my attention a faster alternative route from my home to the highway I need to get onto. This new route would save me around 5-8 min. of travel time and also allow me to avoid a highly traveled area.

You’d think I’d automatically remember to turn off my auto-pilot and take this new route, wrong. Breaking out of my normal routine was more difficult than I thought it would be. Several times I drove right past the turn that would save me time and frustration. It took about two weeks of intentional effort to break free from my past routine to take the new route.

Breaking out of your normal routine on a regular basis would be beneficial for anyone to consider doing, whether it be in your driving, life, or leadership. It can bring these benefits:

It moves you outside your comfort zone- A normal routine can cause you to be and stay in your comfort zone. Breaking free of your routine can allow you to move outside of your comfort zone, into new growth, experiences, and opportunities. Author Neale Walsch says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Allows you to change and adapt- It can be difficult to see more effective and proficient ways of leading or accomplishing a task while in a normal routine. Moving away from your normal routine can allow you to clearly see old patterns or habits which can prevent you from moving toward your potential and a better future.

Questions: Can you add to the benefits that would come from breaking your normal routine? How has breaking your normal routine benefited you in the past? Please add your comments below . .


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About the author : Dan Black

My professional experience has been working with youth and young adults. I have been a drug and alcohol rehab Case Manager and also a Behavior Specialist for foster kids. I live in San Diego California with my wife and son.

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