God Sneaks Up on Us

Have you ever noticed that there are days that you like sneaking up on people? . .

I actually noticed that about myself this past week.  Twice in the same day I was given the perfect opportunity to scare the snot out of folk.  And I did.  Of course it was exhilarating to me.  Not so much for them.

Sometimes I think God sneaks up on us.

At least I know He does me. I recently began a new series at our church.  Our team decided we would brand the series “Risky Life.”  We opened the series just 2 weeks ago.  You can catch the opening talk on Vimeo here.

During the first talk there was something unique going on with myself and the audience.  Most of us were captivated in the content and challenged by the message.  It was then I realized this was not going to be a normal series.  I began to feel like God was sneaking up on me.

The following week fresh ideas began to formulate.  We also decided to expand the series a few weeks.  I began to meditate how I could model living a risky Christian life.  My thoughts by no means are equal to the risk of Christians suffering persecution around the world or those taking risk like sky jumping.

My ideas were risky in regard to sharing my faith and getting outside of my routine.  My first thought was to create something risky. So I decided to schedule a risky lunch with a random person.  My plan was to buy them an exquisite lunch and allow them to share their life,  and then I would share the gospel.

I cannot tell you how excited I was.

Here is the result of that lunch.  I posted it on my Facebook page this week.

Well my Risky Lunch was truly a blessing. God truly orders our steps. My new friend was homeless but had a greater need.

He said not having a home was not his greatest need. I need to regain my faith!

I took him to his choice of restaurants and enjoyed a conversation about his life, family, and his faith. As we finished our lunch I ask him if I could do something else for him?  He said; “I need a pair of shoes.”

This rocked my soul. I cannot tell you how many pair of shoes I have given away on the streets of Longview the last 20 or more years. I used to literally give  the shoes off my feet. I was glad he wore an 8 and I wear 12′s.

When He said shoes, I ask Father; why is it always shoes? He said these words; because I want you to talk to them about their walk with me. I did that.

I also ask a risky question. Have you ever came to Lifebridge with a need? He said; yes. Tell me did you feel loved when you walk into Lifebridge? Does our staff make you feel comfortable, loved and wanted. I waited for his reply. He said; I always feel loved when I come there!  I loved that!

shoesWell we purchased the shoes/boots and headed back to where I picked him up. I ask him if I could pray for him. He said please do.

We spent a few minutes praying together and God truly touched his life and mine. My risky lunch was rewarded with a sense of destiny and another reality that God truly orders our steps (shoe deliveries). 

He also gives us ideas that expand and enlarge our lives.  Some of these ideas may require us to take a risk in order to see Him a little clearer. 

Now guess what’s happening?  Several of our members are scheduling risky lunches and taking risks at work, in relationships, with their talents, and their treasures.  

We have also added a Risky Week to our church calendar in November 2013.  This is about our whole church taking 6 days to launch into specific risks for God.

I  also wrote a Risky Manifesto.

I think God has sneaked into our lives one step at a time.

Next week I will post the Risky Manifesto, risky quotes and share a few more “Risky Stories.”

Would love to hear your comments.

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Thomas McDaniels

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