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Steve Bremner is a FIRE School of Ministry graduate with a burden for grounding people in the Word of God and seeing believers from all sorts of backgrounds live out and experience the power of the Holy Spirit, and the love of God in their lives and ministries. Steve also thinks its pretentious when bloggers write their own bio pages, but refer to themselves in the third person anyway.

I — I mean he served in the Netherlands for almost 2 years before moving to South America. The gift of teaching and a pastoral heart are what characterize Steve’s calling, and in Peru he’s had opportunities to teach in a local seminary, share the love of Christ to some of the underprivileged, and traveled to shanty towns outside of Lima, the nation’s capital, to teach with and serve alongside other established ministries. He is now living in Chorrillos, and part of a missional community called Oikos.

He is the author of forthcoming books, and hopes to one day soon open a healing rooms ministry in a densely populated area of Lima. If the Internet (is it supposed to be with a capital or a lowercased ‘i’?) had been available to the Apostle Paul, he’d have used it make the Word of God available to as many people as he could. For this reason, Steve co-hosts, produces the Fire On Your Head podcast with other contributors to Fire Press – an online Christian magazine he founded in 2008 and serves as senior editor forSteve also often podcasts it up with other missionaries either on the ground in Peru, or over Skype around the world. Fire On Your Head can be subscribed to in iTunes and other popular podcatcher programs, or you can visit the site directly at

If you’d like to join Steve’s newsletter e-mailing list, and receive other stuff, such as personal newsletters and shameless pleas for money he’d never post publicly but feels more comfortable because you opted-in this way, then visit this link. OK that was a lie, but subscribers do get first dibs on offers and free chapter samples of his upcoming eBooks.

On a final note, Steve is Canadian (and is not ashamed of it), and considers himself a part of River Run Fellowship, located in Peterborough, Ontario — that’s in Canada, for those who need it clarified. If it weren’t for his home fellowship, and pastor Stephen Best, Stevie B would never have gone to Peru where he is beginning to see God do things he only imagined and day dreamed about…

About the author : Steve Bremner

Steve Bremner is a Canadian missionary to Peru, who along with his Peruvian wife Lili is called to raise up disciples who flow in the power of the Holy Spirit within a missional community named Oikos. Their desire is to see the Peruvian disciples plant churches and missional communities through out their nation. Steve, who never writes without a hot cup of coffee by his side, is also passionate about blogging and podcasting and hosts a podcast called Fire On Your Head. If you like Steve's posts, you'll also like his Kindle books.

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