Jefferson Bethke

I was born in Tacoma, WA

I played baseball in college

I love frosted flakes

I have a BS in Politics & Government (doesn’t translate much to YouTube though)

I am married to an amazing, beautiful, sweet woman of God – Alyssa

I like to make creative videos that usually center around a peasant Galilean man who lived 2,000 years ago

If you found your way here through my various videos, blogs or posts you probably know that I am quite the avid grace lover. There’s nothing that sparks in me a joy for life and other people than when I truly understand just all God has done for me in the cross of Jesus.


The day my life changed was when I realized that He saw all my filth, all my sin, all my shortcomings, and all my insecurities yet still looked me right in the eye and said,

“I love you and I’m not going anywhere.”


The best part about being a Christian is that I don’t have to have it all together because I’m loved and pursued by a God who does. I never went searching for Him, but He went searching for me. That’s quite an awesome truth!

About the author : Jefferson Bethke

Jefferson Bethke