Impress Distress

Folks that live in our sphere of influence and beyond fall mainly into one of two groups . .

1) Those who draw attention to our failures and weaknesses and, 2) Those who draw attention to the best of our strengths and accomplishments, extending a trust that only makes us want to grow stronger and more mature in character. The former group acts out of insecurity. The latter group acts out of humility and has come to a point of self-acceptance that acknowledges personal failure and limitations in everyone . . . starting with themselves.

Two highly unusual events happened in my “golf world” recently that have never occurred over the previous 41 years. First, I played a complete round with a true professional golfer. Secondly, I for the first time ever managed to hit a scorching hook-drive from the 3rd tee . . well off the intended course . . directly into a master bedroom window . . belonging to a traumatized retired couple.

While I had no illusions about hoping to “impress” my golf pro friend, neither did I want to play poorly and embarrass myself. My foursome shared a good laugh . . but even before we got to the next hole, my golf pro friend stated, “Even though that may have been the worst hole you have ever played, you have a good game and I not only can . . . but I want to help you with your swing.”

My friend had every opportunity to dump shame on a very embarrassing moment, but gave great grace . . and so does our Lord Jesus Christ. From Romans 10:11 we read,

“As Scripture says, ‘Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame’.”

This is David “JB” Miller reminding you that at our point of greatest spiritual failure, we are never humiliated or left alone to a meaningless fate by our gracious God.  Jesus Christ himself came to us, lived among us and became history’s pivotal target for accusation and condemnation . . for us . . because He never has nor ever will have time for . .

. . the shame game.

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