Brianna “Bria” Wasson

bria-familyMy name is Brianna Wasson, but most people call me Bria. I am a married mother of two little girls, ages 11 and 9. We spent last year living in Germany as expatriates, where God taught each of us more about trusting Him and knowing Him and the real life He promised than we could have possibly dreamed. We have been home in Ohio for three months.

When I was in seminary and newly married (I have an M.A.R. from Trinity International University), my husband and I had many discussions about how I could use my training once we had children. We wanted me to stay at home with them. I have always had a deep desire to serve God and use what He’s given me to point people to Jesus. So my husband and I figured I could be a freelance writer. That was before blogs were around. (Yes, I am that old.)

God grew that into what is now my blog ( called And Then Some More… I write there because I want to point people to Jesus. I want my readers to want to know Jesus more. My goal is to help people (and myself) find the “more and better life” that Jesus promised (in John 10:10) and live in that real life. It’s gets me all pumped up to think that God might use me to inspire His kind of Real Life in someone!

I also contribute to my church’s daily devotional blog (Wooster Grace Church), ( I am passionate about the Word of God and what it looks like when Jesus followers believe it and live it.

About the author : Brianna Wasson

I'm on a mission to follow Jesus Christ all-in. Trusting Him for the "more and better life" that he promised in John 10:10 and looking to live in it for all eternity. Starting now.

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