Debbie Chandler

I was born in America in the ‘great’ state of Texas to parents who were from some place else, but moved there in search of the American Dream.  I don’t know if they ever found it or not – that’s their story.

I married my first, and only, boyfriend, and we’re still sweethearts, and together we have three wonderful children. I was blessed to be able to homeschool the kids. Sometimes I’ve wondered if I did a good job of it, but they’re so smart, maybe that doesn’t matter as much as the great relationship that I have with them.

The five of us live in Scotland.  We’ve been here for over eleven years as missionaries. We’re still “foreigners”, but it feels like home.  I don’t know if we’ll stay here forever; I know I dream of someplace warmer and dryer, but we’ve always said we’re here until God tells us to go somewhere else.

Who am I really?

I’m a child of God.  I gave my heart to Jesus while in high school, thanks to the love, prayers, and faithful friendship of a dear friend.  My relationship with Jesus is the foundation of my life and where I derive my identity and purpose.

I’m a mother.  It’s the most important and best ‘job’ I’ll ever have.  It’s never-ending, and I’m glad.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be a good mother, because I didn’t have much maternal instinct as a young woman.  When the time came, it kicked in to the point of being overwhelming.  Now I understand the proverb about the mother bear and her cubs.

I’m a wife.  We’ve been married almost 32 years.  I know in this day and time what an accomplishment that is, and I also know how much of God’s grace has brought us to this point. We both at various times, and all times, are friend, confidante, cheerleader, sounding-board, partner, helper, nurse, etc., etc., etc.

Other things I love (in random order):  reading, nature, running, art, music, coffee, flowers, birds, babies & toddlers, my dog, movies, popcorn & pretzels, friends, chatting, travel, other cultures, learning, history, mountains, beaches, & sunshine.

About the author : Debbie Chandler

Debbie Chandler

Wife, mom, daughter. Child of God. Missionary/Tentmaker. Flawed, but redeemed. Weary, but being renewed daily. Stumbling along with Jesus. American in Scotland."

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