Are You Free?

Freedom is a powerful word.  When we say the word “freedom” it impacts our soul and energizes our spirit.  Freedom is at the forethought of many nations around the world and many cultures are fighting for more freedoms and less government suppression.

Our nation has set the standard as a people enjoying more personal freedoms than most nations of the world.

Freedom is truly a privilege and carries the weight of responsibility.

Not everyone can handle being free.

Freedom comes at a price.  Many teenagers with their first credit card fail the test of freedom. We have more prisoners in jail than any other nation because many cannot handle being free. We have thousands of bank accounts overdrawn because of a lack of responsibility.

Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.

Freedom is never the ability to do whatever we desire.  Freedom is the ability to use your mind, will, and emotions to make the right choices that are acceptable to the betterment of ourselves and others.

Our choices always effect others.

The greatest freedom God gave us is the freedom to choose!

In others words; your choice determines your outcome.

When we fail to properly use our freedom we end up with the wrong result. For instance, when we choose to obey the speed limit it is an exercise of our freedom.  When we choose to exceed the speed limit we violate that freedom.  If we get consistently get caught violating the speed limit we lose our right to drive.  This can be the beginning of a loss of one of our simple freedoms.

I have witnessed the loss of freedoms while working with and mentoring drug addicts. They lose their freedoms because of a lack of restraint. They cannot harness certain desires and ultimately their freedoms are taken from them.  This is tragic.

Our freedoms are lost or minimized when others realize that we cannot be trusted with freedom.

Restraint occurs when we cannot handle certain freedoms properly.  For instance; the restraint of not being trusted to drive mom and dad’s car actually shifts from freedom to control. The restraint to eat the wrong foods is what keeps your sugar level in check.  The limited and proper choice of not having an affair keeps the marriage safe and healthy.

Sometimes true freedom is the result of setting limitations and is always connected to certain restraints.It seems as though every 4th of July we witness tragedies.  Most of these tragedies are the result of a violation of our freedoms and failure to exercise healthy restraints.  Maybe we drive too fast or we drink too much. Ultimately these tragedies occur when we fail to be responsible in certain areas.

On this 4th of July let’s be sure and set some healthy restraints. Let’s exercise our freedom with responsibility, with restraint, and good and Godly choices.

Have you ever thought that choosing healthy restraints is a key to staying free?

What areas do you need to set a boundary or restraint in on this 4th of July?

I would love to hear from you.

About the author : Thomas McDaniels

Thomas McDaniels

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