Buddy Pass

After receiving the help of a very kind friend when I was stuck 3,000 miles from home, I had a choice. You see, my “buddy pass” . . . it also would take me anywhere in the continental U.S. I wanted to go . . . and it was entirely my choice. Lots of gates . . . lots of departures . . . the lure of destination “elsewhere” . . . the thought of entertainment, recreation, escape . . . well, to act on those impulses, those desires . . . required nothing more than saying “no” to going towards home.

What about God’s “pass”? The choice, once again . . . is up to you. Even though He stands at the door with a “boarding pass” for the trip of a lifetime . . . many . . . in fact all, first choose to go in directions other than the one God intends.This is the human predicament . . . the Bible calls it sin. Right in the middle of the word “sin” is the word “I”.

To take our life to “destination elsewhere” breaks our relationship with God Who wants to be with us on every step of our journey. Sin not only breaks our relationship with God, it also hampers our relationships with others. Can you imagine a long turbulent flight to the wrong place with a Boeing 747 full of people? With time, everyone gets cranky. Nobody likes the trip. The journey is miserable. We are reminded of this in Proverbs 16:25 which reads,

“There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death”.

This is David “JB” Miller reminding you that when you spend a life on the wrong “plane” headed in the wrong direction, you’ll end up in the wrong place. The Bible states you’ll end up in hell, not because God wants you in hell . . . His plan is for you in heaven. He’ll do anything to get you to heaven . . . with one exception . . . He won’t force you. The decision is yours to say “yes” to Him and “no” to . . .

. . . destination elsewhere.


About the author : David "JB" Miller


David "JB" Miller is founder and author at LifeLetter Ministries. He and his wife Cheri make their home in beautiful Paradise Valley, Arizona and have six children and six grandchildren they absolutely adore.

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