Grace Abounds

I thought I had grace figured out.  I thought it was that deep well that I could go to whenever I needed a refill.  Dip in the mug when my schedule allowed and take a sip.   There.  Refreshed.   Until I felt I needed another trip to the well.

Then something happened in my life, the details not unlike any crisis in one’s life, but I found that I didn’t have to go to the well!  Grace was there.  Seems it always was.

A short time later God used a mentor in my life to open my spirit on this grace thing.   I explained to him about confident trips to the well.  And then he blew me away. “Nope.  Not about YOU making the effort to fill your cup.  Grace is not about taking your cup to the well for a refill.   Grace is you knocking the bottom out of the cup and letting a stream run through it…forever.”

My spirit soared with this metaphor that has brought a deeper understanding of His grace.   So today, when I found myself all wrapped in my self this powerful picture came to mind…..and His grace quieted my soul and lifted my spirit.

Hallelujah!  What a Savior!

About the author : Wayne Hackbarth

Wayne Hackbarth

Wayne Hackbarth is a web producer in Charlotte, North Carolina and collaborator with the Life Letter Café ministry. Wayne and his wife Shirley have two married daughters and are expecting they first granddaughter.

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