Helene Clarke

I discovered my love for writing late in life, although looking back, I realize it was my writing skills that helped me pass high school English.  I’ve held many different jobs/positions; YWAM staffer, youth pastor, child care worker, etc., but currently I am pursuing writing for children.  I love to hear children laugh, especially when reading something I wrote.  My books can be found at http://www.heleneclarke.com. They can also be ordered from any bookstore, amazon, barneandnobles.com, or Tate Publishing.

I am married to a wonderful man of God who is an avid backer of the arts – me. We have no children, but have a black cat named Boo. “How can you write for children when you have none?” many wonder. I am inspired by 22 nieces and nephews plus my imagination I smile; and maybe a childlike heart?

Visit Hélène at www.heleneclarke.com

About the author : Helene Clarke

Helene Clarke

I am a Canadian children's book author (Why Did the Osprey Poop on my Head? AND One Eye, Two Eyes,) who loves God, my husband, the outdoors, reading and travel.

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